Ross Measures • Rampage 2013 • II

Photographs by Ross Measures
Round 3 of the Red Bull Rampage with the Rocky Mountain team – Geoff Gulevich, Paris Gore, Eric Lawrenuk, Danny Brody and myself travelled through 4 states in 4 days on the road to the rampage. We met Thomas Vanderham down there. Aggy and Mark were also competing. Our days started with continental breakfast waffles and ended with hot tub beers. In between was spent shovelling sand and swinging at dense rock with sharp objects. For those wondering, pick-axing rock doesn’t get any easier after 5 days. Unfortunately practice was hard on the boys, Mark was taken out early with a broken femur and Thomas late Saturday with broken ribs. Gully survived but left at least 30% of his skin on the Oakley Icon landing. Finals were wild with Aggy’s dipped 3 drop blowing peoples mind and Gully nearly hanging onto a step down flip high up the mountain.
Part II features photos of saturday morning through to the end of our journey home – the car broke down so we played frisbee in Parowan, Utah for two days.