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Who wants some stickers?

Mail a self addressed pre-stamped envelope to 4376 Cliffmont Rd. North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1J5. The above video is a simple tutorial on how this process works (if you need better directions click here). This is only available to residents of Canada unfortunately, but any US/international t-shirt orders will still include free stickers.

#bicyclerockers on Instagram

Hashtag #bicyclerockers the next time you’re on Instagram and show off your shocks, scabs and stickers. All of your tagged images will end up in our online Instagram Gallery.


While you’re at it, make sure you hit us up with a follow to view exclusive behind the scenes images, as well as get access to future contests and product pre-releases!




We’re Back

Well, we’re back, and I’ll be honest, we’ve been back before only to disappear shortly after, this time, we’re here to stay.
Internally things are different this time around, but the friends and motives remain the same. Rad times had riding bikes, exploring and creating with a group of amazing friends is what we’re all about; the byproduct is Bicycle Rockers.
In the coming days, we’ll have our store opening up online, as well as some content beginning to flow. At first things might be slow around here, but you can always keep track of us if social media is your thing.
We do: Tumblr ∙ Instagram ∙ Twitter